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I LOVE this pattern! Knitted lace is one of the most beautiful handmade items you will ever see. However, it has a reputation for being complicated and fussy. True, there are some lace patterns out there that require more patience and skill than I have. These usually require using yarn that is the consistency of dental floss, needles as thin as toothpicks, and understanding a whole new, knitting language that might as well be Klingon for all I know. Not so with this pattern.

It is the Lace 1-2-3 pattern by KnitPicks, one of my absolute favorite sources for quality knitting and crocheting supplies. Their yarns and needles are high quality, reasonably-priced, and come in a wide variety or colors. I look forward to getting their catalog every month. This pattern is especially cool because it is a simple lace pattern that can be used to make three different objects- a scarf, a shawl, or a throw. Instructions are given in the pattern for yarn choices, needle sizes, and other notions you might need.

However, being the knitting renegade that I am, instead of using a sport weight yarn for the shawl as the pattern suggested, I took a leap of faith and picked a bulky alpaca yarn because I REALLY like warm, cozy knitted items. The yarn I am using in the photo is Cascade Yarns Baby Alpaca Chunky Colonial Blue Heather 584. A similar yarn by KnitPicks would be Billow, a lovely bulky cotton yarn, or The Big Cozy, a beautiful alpaca blend. Honestly, any of the bulky yarns they offer would work, but these three would produce a beautiful, soft, drapey shawl to snuggle in on chilly days.

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The specific pattern is called feather and fan.

Feather and fan pattern up close

When you look at it up close you can see how the stitching looks like a blend of feathers and fans, hence the name. I really love the fact that something this beautiful is simply a combination of yarn overs and knitting two stitches together in a repeating pattern. The lovely people at KnitPicks referred to this lace pattern as, “…a knitter’s ultimate comfort food.” This is a perfect lace pattern for any lace-knitting beginner because it uses an easy to memorize 4-row repeat.



At the present time I am about 2/3 of the way done with this shawl. When I am done I will clasp it with this lovely shawl pin that I picked up at my local Ben Franklin Crafts store.

Photos will be posted when I finish this lovely item and block it to show off the beauty of the knitted lace pattern. In the meantime, if you decide to try your hand at knitting up this pattern, please share photos and leave comments about your experience with feather and fan. Happy knitting, and have a PrettyJoyful day!