Hello!  I’m Amy, a 46-year-old married mom of one beautiful daughter.



My husband, Mike, and daughter, Mary, are the most beautiful and joyful parts of my life.



My family also has two dogs, a beagle named Bettie and a puggle (pug-beagle mix) named Mimi. They are both rescue dogs and are loved very much in spite of their occasional naughty times (soap eating, trashcan dumping, hogging the bed,…).





In addition to my chosen profession as a clinical psychologist, I am also an avid crafter, DIYer, shopper, and lover of all things pretty. Psychology was my first interest that helped me expand my knowledge of how people work. It also tied in with my love for both reading and writing. My love for all things crafty is my second passion and one that I have been developing more regularly since 2002. It has allowed me to experience the joy of creating my lifestyle in a way that is both cost-effective and uniquely me.

Crochet messy bun hat
My Zen room

It is my sincere hope that the posts on this blog help you to create a life filled with beauty and joy. Dream big, DIY, and keep your sights on the beauty that is all around you!