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Month: March 2017

5 Lessons I Have Learned About Starting A Blog

Note: This post contains affiliate links It has been a long journey since this blog began to take shape in January. Actually, I had been thinking about starting this blog for many months before I actually began to put pen to paper and write content. It was another month before I worked up the courage [...]

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My Top 10 Self-Help Books for Living a More Joyful Life

Note: This post contains affiliate links There's no denying it, books are some of the most wonderful things. Reading a book has the potential to take you away from the stress of your life into a whole new story filled with interesting characters, information, and timeless life lessons. We learn and grow from books. We [...]

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Feather and Fan Knitted Lace Shawl

Note: This post contains affiliate links in bold for the pattern and materials for this project  I LOVE this pattern! Knitted lace is one of the most beautiful handmade items you will ever see. However, it has a reputation for being complicated and fussy. True, there are some lace patterns out there that require more [...]

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